Compassion and Consciousness.

We are all grieving as our hearts are broken again and again—not just by police, but by the wider system we are all part of. This onslaught of racism and violence against black lives is not new and it impacts us all, especially those who must witness people who look like them and their brothers, mothers, children, and loved ones murdered in the streets. We acknowledge this. It needs to be said again and again. Black Lives Matter.

And we acknowledge we occupy lands stolen from the indigenous people of this region.

Amidst our anger and hurt is also gratitude to the many black and brown people who have shared their stories with us and continue to share, even when it costs them to do so. We are also grateful to those who lived and worked on this land before us; their stewardship and resilient spirit make our residence possible on the traditional homeland of the Lenape (Delaware), Shawnee, Wyandot, Miami, Ottawa, Potawatomi, Iroquois, and other Great Lakes tribes and nations, and we acknowledge the thousands of Native Americans who now call Northeast Ohio home.

We at CPT are committed to learn.

And we are committed to our mission to nurture compassion and raise consciousness.

We are committed to justice for all people and this is so urgent for black people.

We recognize the horrors done unto indigenous people and the countless oppressions against all people of color. And on this day we want to especially emphasize: Black Lives Matter.

We will continue to center black voices and black stories as we strive to disrupt and dismantle racism and oppression.

-Raymond Bobgan, CPT Executive Artistic Director

Cleveland Public Theatre is proud to be a member of the National New Play Network (NNPN). Below you’ll find a statement that Raymond, who is also President of the Board of NNPN, and Nan Barnett, the Executive Director of NNPN, released.

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