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Production Associate – Temporary Full-Time

Cleveland Public Theatre (CPT) is hiring a Production Associate (PA) for a seasonal full-time position. Position begins as early as July 1 (no later than July 31) and ends ideally September 20, 2023 (could be part time between September 9 and 20). Deadline to apply is June 7, 2024. Salary range is $750-850/week based on experience and range of skills. This role reports to the Associate Producer. To apply, send resume and cover letter to Paige Conway, associate producer at Read More ›

Meet Playwright Rachel Bublitz, author of Funny, Like An Abortion

CPT: What are some of your other interests when you’re not writing?

Rachel Bublitz: My kids are 14 and 16 years old, so it’s a nice age. I was thinking, man, they both do a lot of sports, so a lot of my job is taking them from one activity to another activity. My son swims and so recently I just became a swim official.

CPT: When did you start writing plays and what made you start writing them?

RB: My dad took me to the opera, and I started as an actor and directing in high school. I always thought I would try writing eventually since I was about 9 or 10. I’ve kept journals and I’m pretty dedicated to filling them, so I just thought, “oh, this can’t be that hard” and then it was very hard, but it was hard in a way that was really fulfilling and now I’ve been writing for over 10 Years

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Every September, Cleveland Public Theatre hosts its one and only fundraising spectacular: Pandemonium! The Technical Associate works with the TD and ATD to create & implement all artistic and technical components in multiple spaces across the CPT campus. During the event, the staff acts as a go-to team of stagehands & technicians, solving issues that arise & helping the stage/area managers as needed. To apply for the position, send an email to Josh Smith, Technical Director, at Subject line should read: YOUR LAST NAME, Pandemonium Technical Associate. Your email should include two attachments, a resume and a cover letter explaining why you are interested in the position. The rate for this role is $750-$950/wk depending on experience.  

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CPT is hiring Overhire Technicians

Cleveland Public Theatre (CPT) is hiring overhire technicians. CPT will be accepting applications on an ongoing basis to fill needs throughout the year. Employment is AS NEEDED. 

To be added to our list, send an email to Joshua Smith, Technical Director, at Subject line should read: [LAST NAME], Overhire Tech. The email should include a resume. No phone calls, please. 

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Cleveland Public Theatre announces unique class: Directing Creation by Raymond Bobgan

Director/Creator Raymond Bobgan’s work centers on collaborating with performers to create performance. Raymond’s work engages actors in the creating of physical, mental, and emotional “scores.” Through the montage of these “scores” with original text, song creation, storytelling, and the moving of objects to transform space, Raymond creates layered performances that work on multiple levels. Raymond will share some of these techniques and perspectives as a way for artists to grow and develop.  

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Volunteer at Station Hope 2024

CPT needs your support as we create this powerful and unique event for the eleventh year!

Station Hope is a free arts festival and community event filled with short works of theatre, dance, choral performances, and visual art installations, all inspired by historical and current social justice issues. Taking place throughout Cleveland’s first authenticated Underground Railroad site, St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ohio City, the event aims to bring together neighborhoods and individuals to engage and reflect on social justice, equity, and a shared vision of hope.

Station Hope is on Saturday, May 25, from 7:00pm – 10:00pm.
(1st volunteer shift will start before the event)

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