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Cleveland Public Theatre announces 2021/2022 Season

Cleveland Public Theatre announces 2021/2022 Season


Cleveland Public Theatre (CPT)’s Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan is proud to announce the 2021/2022 season, which delivers on CPT’s mission of raising consciousness and nurturing compassion through theatre that is daring, relevant, and socially conscious.

CPT invests in innovation and diversity, and has been recognized regionally and nationally as a leader in the support and development of new work, the amplification of emerging voices, and for producing and presenting work from artists creating theatre outside the mainstream.

The theme of CPT’s 2021/2022 season is EVOLVE.

“Cleveland Public Theatre brings people together. The strength of our programming is not only in the individual power of each project and each production, but how they weave together. As each program, each person, impacts the next, the community impact grows exponentially. We don’t present to the community; we are a convergence of communities. We believe society can evolve, and it is when we come together that these changes happen. Our strategy is to center artists, to amplify the voices of artists amidst our diverse communities, and to share their work broadly. What happens when we have conversations with people who see the world differently than what we know? We challenge our thinking, we open our hearts, and our inner world expands. Together, we evolve.

—Raymond Bobgan, CPT EXECUTIVE Artistic Director

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