CPT Announces Kulas Foundation Theatre Composer Initiative Application

CPT’s Kulas Foundation Theatre Composer Initiative


Deadline for Application is

Monday, December 5th, 2016

In anticipation of the renewal of this grant, CPT is now accepting applications for The Kulas Foundation Theatre Composer fellowships. The Kulas Foundation Theatre Composer Initiative is a six month fellowship program providing early-career composers with first-hand experience creating music and sound design for theatre.

This initiative engages composer/designers in a collaborative process under the guidance of the show producer and director to compose and produce original music for full productions and works-in-development in CPT’s Season and to learn about other parts of the creative and production process of theatre. Composers gain hands-on learning experiences through sound design opportunities.

The program is intended to significantly grow CPT’s capacity for developing original music and sound design, and to support the growth and emergence of local artists.

In order to ensure the development of work past this residency, both the composer and Cleveland Public Theatre will own full rights to composed materials developed through the Theatre Composer Initiative.

Program Expectations:

The Composer and CPT will work together to develop an intense and fruitful fellowship. The following represents the primary pieces of the fellowship, but the plan will be adapted to the specific fellow chosen.

  • Compose and produce original music and sound design for one full stage production or work-in-development. Composer/Designers will be expected to attend the meetings and rehearsals for each show. These meetings do not include the actual time composing and producing music for the show.
    • 3 early stage meetings with director and artistic team (75 minutes).
    • Weekly production meetings for six weeks leading up to opening (75 minutes).
    • One rehearsal a week for first five weeks of rehearsal (4 hours each).
    • Tech and dress rehearsals leading up to performance.
    • Meet with director and/or producer throughout the project to engage in a collaborative creative process.

The Composer/Designer will perform all tasks related to sound design and composition including recording, development of cues and cueing.

  • Participate in other learning opportunities and support CPT’s work
    • CPT will provide a series of other opportunities for the composer to deepen their knowledge of theatre and collaboration including shadowing experiences, internships, workshops and forums.
    • Composer may be asked to take on a sound or music related project for the theatre—for example to run sound for a show, or to assist or produce specific music composed by others.
    • CPT may provide other intern level opportunities in non-music/sound areas.
  • Participate in the life of the theatre
    Composers will have opportunities to interact with staff, artists and audiences through attending opening nights, special meetings, volunteer opportunities and events.

In addition to providing the experiences in this program CPT will also provide the following:

  • $1,500 Fellowship upon completion of program
  • Possible additional underwriting for musicians, specialized sound equipment for implementation of design, or recording to be approved by CPT Executive Artistic Director
  • Free Tickets for Composer and Guest to all CPT shows during the 16/17 season


  • Applicant must be a resident of Northeast Ohio.
  • This program is not for current students.
  • Applicant must have a college degree or equivalent in music or theatre.
  • Applicant must have significant available time to work on major artistic projects. Rehearsals and other commitments are typically in the evenings and weekends.
  • Applicant must have had experience in music composition for theatre or dance and basic knowledge of sound design.

Selection Criteria

We are looking for a composer/designer who has demonstrated ability and extraordinary potential.

In addition to talent and ability, we are seeking an adventurous and generous artist that relishes the collaborative process and enjoys working with others in evolving environments.

We want to have the largest impact on the community as possible, so we are looking for a composer who is at the “right time” in his/her growth to most benefit from the fellowship.

Applying for the Program

If you would like to be considered for the 2016-2017 Kulas Foundation Theatre Composer Initiative, please follow the application instructions below, and submit electronically to New Play Associate at clewins@cptonline.org.

Process and Notification

A receipt will be emailed upon receiving application.

CPT hopes to complete the process by January.

The selection process will involve follow-up email questions and interviews.

Deadline and Important Dates

  • Applications must be received by Monday, December 5, 2016
  • Finalists will be notified in January, 2016
  • Recipient will be notified in January, 2016
  • The fellowship year is January, 2017 – December, 2016

CPT’s Kulas Foundation Theatre Composer Initiative


Deadline: Monday, December 5th, 2016

Please complete the application and submit it with your supplemental materials as an attachment to clewins@cptonline.org.

Click here for a Microsoft Word version of the application.
Click here for a PDF version of the application.

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